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Established in 2015, FastHouse designs, manufactures and installs Hybrid and Closed Panel timber frame systems. We serve the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


At FastHouse we offer three varying offsite timber frame panel systems: The Closed Panel System, Hybrid Panel System and Open Panel System. So, we have something appropriate for every requirement, build and budget.


Following precisely engineered plans, our automated machines manufacture a high quality, reliable product that is easy to install on-site and is guaranteed to fit first time.


With our in-factory processes, FastHouse can ensure all safety, thermal and acoustic building requirements are met, if not exceeded.

Recent Projects

After being established for a number of years, we have gained quite the portfolio of work, gaining experience in building timber frames used in projects for various sectors.



The first phase of producing timber frame systems involves design. DFMA (design for manufacture and assembly) aids in simplifying, optimising and refining a building to suit offsite manufacturing processes and helps identify and solve problems before the on-site build stage.

The design process

The process can start once we have received the architects design drawings. We then use HSB CAD to create a timber frame design. From this CAD we can then produce cutting lists and material lists. Production drawings are fully networked to the factory floor making this process a lot smoother. We then use CAM to get started on the manufacturing process. To keep track of everything, IFC files are integrated into a BIM vision, so we have access to every bit of information about individual projects, all in one place.

Because of this detailed process, it results in high levels of accuracy when it comes to the manufacturing stage and the final product.

A key advantage to the design process at FastHouse is waste reduction. Using the production drawings, a precise materials list can be produced. Because of the high levels of accuracy when it comes to the manufacturing stage and the final product, we can minimise waste on site as the majority of waste is created in our factories. This not only makes the construction site safer but it also makes it easier to navigate.

Design standards:

  1. Irish Standards 440
  2. Structural Timber Association Certified to STA Assure Gold quality accreditation/standard
  3. All timber is graded and marked to IS EN 14081
  4. All timber adheres to a minimum strength class of C16
  5. Tolerance Class 2 in IS EN 366
  6. Moisture content will not exceed 18% when measured to IS EN 13183
  7. All cut timber must be re-treated
  8. OSB must be OSB 3 and comply with IS EN 300
  9. Other sheathing material must be covered by national or European Standard, or an Approved Certificate
  10. All materials carry the appropriate CE marking
  11. The building has a service life of 50-60 years
  12. Proven compliance of the relevant building regulations
  13. Party walls achieve the fire resistance specification and all walls are tested to the relevant standards and regulations.
  14. Acoustic performance regulations.

DFMA (design for manufacture and assembly)

  1. Minimising house types: design for repetition
  2. Simplifying assembly through designing out on-site processes
  3. Standardisation of: material component optimisation & assembly processes
  4. Designing out requirements for structural steel support structures
  5. Value engineering protruding feature design
  6. Floor design span & load specification
  7. Engineered & co-ordinated service runs
  8. Building’s energy performance specification
  9. Design, position and specification type of cavity barriers and fire stops


  • H&S: factory conditions are 80% safer than site conditions
  • Cost: site labour is 2.2 times more expensive than factory-based labour
  • Productivity: is at 80% in the factory compared with 40% for a typical site
  • Sustainability: waste is reduced to just 2-3% in factories; almost all recycled

Our Company

Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Greater standardisation leading to more efficiencies

Our Company
STA Assure Gold
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

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