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Established in 2015, FastHouse designs, manufactures and installs Hybrid and Closed Panel timber frame systems. We serve the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


At FastHouse we offer three varying offsite timber frame panel systems: The Closed Panel System, Hybrid Panel System and Open Panel System. So, we have something appropriate for every requirement, build and budget.


Following precisely engineered plans, our automated machines manufacture a high quality, reliable product that is easy to install on-site and is guaranteed to fit first time.


With our in-factory processes, FastHouse can ensure all safety, thermal and acoustic building requirements are met, if not exceeded.

Recent Projects

After being established for a number of years, we have gained quite the portfolio of work, gaining experience in building timber frames used in projects for various sectors.

Offsite Timber Frame Systems

Our Company

Established in 2015, FastHouse designs, manufactures and installs closed and hybrid panelised timber frame systems.

What we do

FastHouse is an offsite manufacturer of high performance closed and hybrid panelised wall systems. We design and manufacture products both easily and economically. Our offsite manufacturing brings faster, leaner and smarter methods of construction to the industry. As well as the speed of our installation methods, we also achieve high standards of design and quality. With benefits like these, you can look forward to overall cost savings. 
What we do

Partnering & Collaboration

Early engagement and collaboration ensures Design for Manufacture principles are optimised. Engage with FastHouse at the initial design concept stage and we will assist in identifying value engineering opportunities where value can be added. Plus we will eliminate factors that do not create value – allowing for reductions in overall construction costs.


FastHouse is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, and this can only be achieved with the support and work of a skilled and experienced team. From the initial design, all the way to site operations, our team will be there, providing you with the best possible service.

Benefits of FastHouse

With offsite construction, we move the building process to a controlled factory environment which offers many benefits, for example: programme certainty, thermal and acoustic conformity, reduced build time, improved quality, improved health & safety, reduced waste, traceability on materials. Our panelised wall systems are designed and manufactured using innovative technology, producing consistent high quality finished products. During installation, panels are lifted and locked into with mechanical jointing brackets. Our structures are typically weathertight in 2 days.
Benefits of FastHouse

Corporate Social Responsibility

The timber frame systems offered by FastHouse provide a greener alternative to conventional construction methods. As the construction sector is a big contributor to the production of greenhouse gas emissions, using natural timber frames is a much-needed solution to help reduce the environmental impact made by the sector as a whole.

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Our Company

Why Choose FastHouse?

We achieve high standards of design and quality, and offer speed in our installation methods, as well as all other benefits that offsite offers, resulting in overall cost savings.

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ISO 9001
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ISO 45001

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