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Established in 2015, FastHouse designs, manufactures and installs Hybrid and Closed Panel timber frame systems. We serve the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


At FastHouse we offer three varying offsite timber frame panel systems: The Closed Panel System, Hybrid Panel System and Open Panel System. So, we have something appropriate for every requirement, build and budget.


Following precisely engineered plans, our automated machines manufacture a high quality, reliable product that is easy to install on-site and is guaranteed to fit first time.


With our in-factory processes, FastHouse can ensure all safety, thermal and acoustic building requirements are met, if not exceeded.

Recent Projects

After being established for a number of years, we have gained quite the portfolio of work, gaining experience in building timber frames used in projects for various sectors.



The installation phase of timber frame systems is considerably faster than traditional builds. Hybrid and Closed Panel Systems can be up to 70% faster than traditional build methods and 40% faster than Open Panel timber frame systems. With fewer wet trades involved, your construction is ready for second stage fittings in record time.

Erection Sequence

  1. FastHouse erection is in accordance with all of the relevant standards.
  2. Base brackets are fitted to the substructure and horizontal levelling system and aligning is carried out prior to the timber frame kit arriving on-site.
  3. Panels are lifted and locked into place with mechanical jointing brackets
  4. Panels are fixed to a concrete base with pre-galvanised mild steel
  5. The location of mechanical connecting brackets for all walls has been predetermined, eliminating the need for the crew to plumb and align walls. This process ensures quality and speed on-site
  6. Exterior walls are sealed with mastic/air-seal at the erection stage. This process gives additional vapour control measures at corners and junctions, using the fixing brackets, which achieves more efficiency in air tightness
  7. Site checklist and sign off.


Required checks during the construction phase are followed up with completed check lists and relevant sign off certifications stating that the timber frame structure has been erected in accordance with the relevant standards.

Advanced components added to FastHouse timber frame systems:

The secret to a fast and accurate assembly is through the use of innovative installation techniques. The below elements eliminate snagging on-site and ensure there is no need to check timber frame components are accurate, square, plumb, and with correct connection details.


The FastHouse timber frame levelling system provides:

  • The combined function of levelling and fixing the sole plate to the foundation
  • The system transfers vertical and lateral loads from the wall to the foundation
  • It has the flexibility and adaptability to accommodate up to 30mm deep out of tolerance
  • The system ensures we work off a square level platform every time
  • If required, a non-shrinkage bed of levelling compound can be applied to the base of all walls to minimise movement, tolerance issues and gaps beneath the sole plate.


FastHouse Mechanical fixing bracket:

  • Stainless steel Connector brackets connect one wall to another
  • Locks the connection with a slide-in fixing
  • Catches the holding screw and lines the connection into position
  • Helps create an air tight seal
  • Ensures the structure is stabilised from the first corner

All of the above points equate to fast and accurate wall connection details meaning simple and speedy erection for the assembly crew.
Furthermore, the main contractor will have less snagging to carry out on the timber frame kit.

Why Choose FastHouse

A set of semi-detached houses are typically weather-tight within 2 days of delivery.

Recent Projects
STA Assure Gold
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

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