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Established in 2015, FastHouse designs, manufactures and installs Hybrid and Closed Panel timber frame systems. We serve the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


At FastHouse we offer three varying offsite timber frame panel systems: The Closed Panel System, Hybrid Panel System and Open Panel System. So, we have something appropriate for every requirement, build and budget.


Following precisely engineered plans, our automated machines manufacture a high quality, reliable product that is easy to install on-site and is guaranteed to fit first time.


With our in-factory processes, FastHouse can ensure all safety, thermal and acoustic building requirements are met, if not exceeded.

Recent Projects

After being established for a number of years, we have gained quite the portfolio of work, gaining experience in building timber frames used in projects for various sectors.

Hybrid System

Party Wall

FastHouse party wall panels provide a double leaf separating and compartment wall between two adjoining buildings. As part of our complete package, the building up of these panelised timber frame wall systems, including linings, is fully manufactured in a factory-controlled environment. Our separating party walls are delivered in two leaves that are installed with a minimum 40mm clear cavity between them.

The isolation of the leaves, the mass and thickness of the boarding, and the insulation all provide the wall with an acoustic performance exceeding a sound reduction of 70dB. The system is also fire-tested to provide a fire resistance of REI60. As part of our party wall system, FastHouse site-installs a wire reinforced rock fibre vertical fire stop sealing the cavity at the wall ends, running from DPC level to this underside of the non-combustible board at the top of the party wall. At the junction between the party wall and external wall, we place a vertical firestop that is the full width of the party wall into the external wall as well.

At the junction where the floor cassettes meet the party wall, horizontal fire stops are site-installed along the full length of the party wall within the cavity between both leaves.

  1. 9mm OSB Sheating Board to cavity side of both leaves
  2. Cavity adequately sealed against fire with Rockwool wired matt used as vertical & horizontal barriers and fire stops. Cavity can be fully insulated if required to achieve zero U Value
  3. Air tight membrane factory fitted
  4. Min 40mm cavity between the 2 leaves of the separating wall
  5. Timber 89mm studs untreated C16, All cut ends Treated
  6. Sole Plates Treated Timber C16 with DPC fitted
  7. Insulation – Party walls fully insulated with mineral wool to meet fire & acoustic regulations
  8. Factory fitted 15mm Type A plaster board to meet fire & acoustic regulation
  9. Factory fitted 15mm Type F plaster board to meet fire & acoustic regulations. Type F overlaps joints of type A
  10. Party Wall service void 38mm x 46mm Battens
  11. Electrical conduits / boxes, and additional layer fo plasterboard to internal side of service void only offered in fully closed system


Hybrid System

Floor Cassette

Our company

Why Choose FastHouse?

FastHouse has been developed in response to a market need for high performance, energy efficient and cost effective construction systems which bring the benefits of being produced in factory controlled environment.
FastHouse offer innovative offsite manufacturing solutions to:

  • Address the shortage of skilled construction labour
  • Reduce construction time frame and providing certainty to program
  • Remove the risk of design, materials and workmanship failures

FastHouse products are manufactured in a 200,000 ft2 state of the art, multi-million pound production facility in Limavady, Northern Ireland.

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STA Assure Gold
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

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